Pipeline Catching

The Pipeline Catching classes at Building Champions offer some of the best catching instruction in the midwest. Pipeline is a weekly group class for players of all ages. From kids just learning the position to college players. We will teach the fundamentals of the position like stance, setup, and receiving. We also will dive into throwing mechanics, blocking, and what it takes to be a catcher. Catching is a high level position that takes metal leadership and physical skills which we strive to teach both.

Classes will Start this fall!


Air Tight Infield

Air Tight Infield classes at Building Champions are the highest level infield instruction around. These classes are designed to go beyond repetition and into the ins and outs of each infield position. In our weekly group classes our main focus will be on footwork, handwork, and proper positioning. We will also go into footwork around the bases as well as infield communication. Our instructors bring a high energy and years of playing infield at the college and professional level.

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Classes will Start this fall!

 Karve Pitching

The Karve Pitching Program is not just a throwing program but its the Building Champions philosophy. Our philosophy comes from a collective group of pitchers with extensive knowledge and experience at the professional level. The program is designed to not only help with the detailed mechanics of the position but also teach the mental side of the position and what it really takes to have success on the mound. We teach the 3 Controls:

  • Control the strike zone (being able to control 3 pitching with location)

  • Control the running game (altering sets and looks and slowing tempo)

  • Control your emotions (staying engaged mentally leads to better control)

Classes will Start this fall!

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