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    Hitting Lesson

    Players will be instructed on the proper load, hand placement, bat path, when hips engage and how to hit to all fields. At BC we use video and hitting Metrics to figure out the best swing for your player. We do not make every swing the same but we do believe that there are constants in every swing.

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    Pitching Lesson

    Players learn not only the detailed mechanics of the position but also learn on how to compete on the mound with a confidence and presence. We don't just teach throwing, we will give instruction on how to command the zone and most importantly get outs.

  • Catching Lesson

    We will teach the fundamentals of the position like stance, setup, and receiving. We also will dive into throwing mechanics, blocking and what it takes to be a catcher. Catching is high level position that takes leadership skills and physical skills. We strive to teach both.

  • Infield Lesson

    Infield lessons  will focus on footwork, handwork, and proper positioning. We will also go into footwork around the bases as well as infield communication. The attention to detail and preparation is what makes our infielders excel.

  • Outfield Lesson

    Our outfield lessons will teach you the ins and outs of the position which are required to play at a high level. The footwork and throwing mechanics are just some of the skills needed. We not only teach the skills, but also positioning and communication to give you the skills needed.

  • Video Analysis

    This is designed for players that want to dive into the mechanics the swing. In each video session we use our software to show deficiencies in the swing and use it to maximize potential. This can be a great tool partnered with regular lessons to get the most out of your swing and to maximize training. One of our instructors will reach out after your purchase to set up what is needed.

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