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Our Program

Building Champions is one of the strongest baseball academies in the Midwest, with 50 plus youth and high school age teams. We are not just an academy. We are a developmental program with a design for baseball beyond high school with a track record of getting players into the right college program or even into professional baseball. We teach our players the skill set to play at a high level on defense, offense, and the mental side of the game. We offer professional instruction with some of the best instructors in the area. Our practices, lessons, and classes are designed to develop athletes in all aspects of the game. We collectively make up a large network of teams and coaches who share a common philosophy of player development, competition, and exposure. We value teamwork, family, commitment, and the game that we love. Building Champions is known for its quality, competitiveness, communication and college placement expertise.



Tony Vitello

University of Tennessee

This group is a first class organization from top to bottom. It is clear a variety of qualities are instilled in the players, but seeking improvement is without a doubt number one on the list. It’s impressive to literally see a totally different group at the end of the summer in comparison to the beginning. Ultimately, the process ends with the players fully prepared for the next level in an assortment of areas, something that every coach desires when recruiting a prospect.

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Trevor Rosenthal 

Milwaukee Brewers

Building Champions gave me the opportunity to develop as a young player in a professional environment. The staff is dedicated to building character of kids on and off the field. Jeremy and his staff prepared me to succeed in baseball and life beyond high school. I thank the entire BC staff for all of the experiences that helped separate our team from our peers, through a process that is not focused on winning but the success of each individual. Joining the BC family is not for every young player but will benefit those who make the choice to believe in the process of development taught by the Organization.


Jason Adam

Tampa Bay Rays


The BC staff made me a much better person on and off the field. Every time I was around the BC coaching staff I learned something new. I was in the BC Organization for 5 years and it was a fun time. They taught me valuable things about the game of baseball and life. Its like having an extended family with the staff. I still train there in the off season. I believe the staff are the best people out there if you ever need instruction, or if you ever have questions regarding the game of baseball.

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